Wednesday, Sept. 9: How B2C and B2B organizations are using social media


B2B means business-to-business. A B2B organization focuses on selling something (product, service, etc.) to another organization. For example, an automotive company purchases parts to make new cars. You don’t choose where the paint and engine parts come from because this is a B2B decision. There are many PR agencies that focus on providing services to B2B organizations, so it’s important to gain a basic understanding of them. B2C means business-to-consumer. A B2C organization is selling to people like you. This is when you buy the car.


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These additional resources are not required reading, but offer additional insights if you’re interested. 

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From class:

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Client projects: You should have received an email from me about your client project. Chat with me if you want to alter your client specs before the first assignment is due.

View a tutorial on Hootsuite to help you manage multiple Twitter conversations. This video was created for EDL 681. Another recommendation in class was to use to shorten links in your tweets. We also discussed the case study Storify assignments and I noted that you can use any kind of channel to create your case study (a blog, Pinterest, etc.).

In our discussion about B2C social media, here are some of the channels that were brought up in the class discussion: