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The Spindustry? Ummm, no.

February 12, 2010 12:23 pm | 4 Comments

I love working in PR. From research to writing to pitching to clients, I find my work exciting.

But, PR has a lot of sterotypes. From Samantha on Sex and the City to Kell on Earth, the profession isn’t always portrayed accurately.

Sure, you’re crazy busy, but I don’t think my job of writing copy for marketing materials and pitching social media to clients is really reality-TV material. And those things that might be good for TV can’t be shown because the client needs us to keep it confidential.

This morning I heard that Kim Kardashian is producing a PR Documentary called “‘The Spindustry.”

Ummmm, no. Real PR professionals aren’t focused on spin. They are professional communicators who help clients get messages to their audiences. I really don’t want my profession tied to Kardashian, spin or any of the other negative stereotypes.

This show is going to give so many people the wrong idea about PR. What do you think?

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Rachel M. Esterline works in public relations and marketing communications. Her blog, ExPRessions, contains her musings about PR, marketing, career and professional development, Gen Y issues, personal branding and more. Rachel also does freelance consulting and writing. She is originally from Genesee, Mich., and will graduate from Central Michigan University in May 2010.