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Set goals, not resolutions

December 3, 2010 11:26 am | 1 Comment

After six months, less than half of the people who set a New Year’s resolution were able to keep it. That’s a pretty depressing statistic.

Forget the resolutions. Set specific goals and outline the steps you need to take achieve them.

MindTools offers a SMART mnemonic device to help you set goals that is helpful when setting goals:


Goals that follow these guidelines are more precise. Measureability will help you know exactly when your goal is achieved. Time-bound will give you a deadline.

I also think that your goals need to be realistic. If you have a goal that may be a bit more difficult to achieve without prior planning, consider setting smaller goals that could lead to the bigger one.

For example, if you are a PR student interested in working at Edelman someday, set smaller goals that can help you achieve that one. Your smaller goals might include:

  • Read and comment on the 6 A.M. blog weekly to help the staff recognize your name.
  • Request an informational interview before graduation to learn more about the agency.
  • Obtain an internship at a local agency to gain experience next summer.
  • Network with Edelman staff members in person at local events and via social media regularly.
  • Create an online portfolio and blog to demonstrate PR skills and knowledge before graduation.

These smaller goals don’t seem like much. But, together they could help you achieve your larger goal.

I’ll be posting my goals soon, but I’m interested in knowing what your goals are for next year.

What do you plan to #AchieveIn2011?

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It’s almost 2010! With the tough economy and job market, young public relations professionals should make New Year’s Resolutions to help them succeed into the next decade.

1. Improve your writing skills.

Don’t be vague with this resolution. Set clear steps and goals to achieve it. Great steps include reading blogs about writing (I like Copyblogger and Write to Done) and starting a blog. Set goals, such as freelance writing for a local publication and finding a writing mentor to help give you tips on improving.

2.  Expand your network.

Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. Rather than attending networking events and just collecting business cards, try to establish a good relationship with people. You can do this on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and, of course, in person. Additionally, I suggest meeting a few of your local social media contacts in-person (this is how I met two of my very good friends, Mikinzie and Hannah).

3. Learn something new.

Employers are looking for young professionals who can do more than just write a press release. In 2010, I suggest you try to expand your skills in order to be more competitive in the workplace. I suggest learning how to use Creative Suite 4 (like InDesign, PhotoShop and DreamWeaver) and basic HTML/CSS. Maybe you should learn a foreign language. You also may consider learning more about subjects you know the basics in, such as business, economics, photography, marketing and advertising. Lastly, it’s always fun to learn about other things that may not relate to your career. Last year, I read a book about archaeology and now I am reading about the CIA.

4. Take on a freelance client.

You probably don’t have the resources to take on a client like Starbucks, but your skills could greatly help a local nonprofit or business. Find a prospective client, prepare a pitch and offer your services. Create a communication plan, pitch to local media and help them strategically use social media. It will make for a great portfolio piece and interview discussion subject.

5. Make time spent on social media more productive/effective.

Many of us are on Twitter and LinkedIn and also read blogs. But, are you just lurking? In order to build relationships, you need to participate in the social media sphere. Reply to followers on Twitter, join LinkedIn discussions and comment on blogs. This will help people learn who you are and help build relationships.

Do you have other resolutions to suggest to young PR professionals?


Rachel M. Esterline works in public relations and marketing communications. Her blog, ExPRessions, contains her musings about PR, marketing, career and professional development, Gen Y issues, personal branding and more. Rachel also does freelance consulting and writing. She is originally from Genesee, Mich., and will graduate from Central Michigan University in May 2010.