Why Controversial Blogging is Scary

November 18, 2009 9:45 am

Yesterday, I asked for people’s opinions on unpaid internships after discovering that some are considered illegal. On my last blog, I wrote about whether or not interns should be required to fetch coffee. I’ve also written about what Gen Y seeks in the workplace and how recruiters use Facebook.

I wanted to start a conversation about these subjects to hear the viewpoints of students and employers. I often recieve great feedback from my peers for starting the conversation, but it’s scary to consider what the repercussions might be for my blogging.

With my name tied to each post I write, I try to be careful about what I write. I don’t write about my personal life, but I do write about things that affect myself and others in the workplace. Some of these subjects might come off wrong to certain people though.

For example, an employer might see me as saying I would never do an unpaid internship or get coffee for the office. This isn’t the case. I’ve done both before and neither were bad experiences.

Controversial posts receive the most traffic and retweets. But, sometimes I wonder what the risk is for posting them.

Has anyone ever suffered negative repercussions for a controversial post? Or, has anyone had a good result from a controversial post?

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