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New Name, New Design

February 9, 2010 6:52 pm | 4 Comments

I’ve finally decided upon a new name for this blog. I’d been simply calling it the “Esterline Public Relations” blog, or “Navigating Your Career in Public Relations.”

But, I think ExPRessions fits this blog best. This blog contains my musings about PR, marketing, careers and more. I started this blog to express my ideas and opinions about about PR, marketing, careers and more.

I’m also a fan of the design. It’s brighter and I believe the text is easier to read.

What do you think? Any changes you think I should make?

BlogAllan Schoenberg recently asked me what I though of the post, “I’m a PR student…so what?” by Maggie Bronny.

While this post was mostly about how it is OK to be wrong in blogging, the sentence that stood out to me was this:

“I sometimes feel that as a public relations student I have no credibility or am in little position to blog about an industry I am just beginning to understand.”

When I read this, I knew it had potential to be a blog post in itself. Here’s my take:

I’ve had people ask me why I blog. “What’s the point?” they ask.

My audience is primarily students and young professionals. As a student myself, I am in the perfect position to blog about PR for this audience because they are experiencing many of the same things I am: internships, job searches, networking and more.

My credibility is the fact that I honestly write about my experiences and opinions. Maggie Bronny said it perfectly, “by throwing ideas and thoughts out on my blog I’m learning.”

Isn’t that the point of blogging? Why do you blog?

I think every professional blog by a PR student can be credible, if the writer is honest. We each have different experiences and goals. By blogging about them, other students can learn and grow.

Why Controversial Blogging is Scary

November 18, 2009 9:45 am | 1 Comment

Yesterday, I asked for people’s opinions on unpaid internships after discovering that some are considered illegal. On my last blog, I wrote about whether or not interns should be required to fetch coffee. I’ve also written about what Gen Y seeks in the workplace and how recruiters use Facebook.

I wanted to start a conversation about these subjects to hear the viewpoints of students and employers. I often recieve great feedback from my peers for starting the conversation, but it’s scary to consider what the repercussions might be for my blogging.

With my name tied to each post I write, I try to be careful about what I write. I don’t write about my personal life, but I do write about things that affect myself and others in the workplace. Some of these subjects might come off wrong to certain people though.

For example, an employer might see me as saying I would never do an unpaid internship or get coffee for the office. This isn’t the case. I’ve done both before and neither were bad experiences.

Controversial posts receive the most traffic and retweets. But, sometimes I wonder what the risk is for posting them.

Has anyone ever suffered negative repercussions for a controversial post? Or, has anyone had a good result from a controversial post?

Win a PR/Social Media Book

October 13, 2009 11:10 pm | 11 Comments

International Communications StrategyI’d like to celebrate my new blog launch with a contest and you can win a book! I might add more prizes, but for now I have two books. Read on to find out more:

The Prize:
International Communications Strategy: Developments in Cross-Cultural PR and Social Media by Silvia Cambie and Yang–May Ooi (There will be two winners because I have two copies) – each worth close to $50 each

How to Win:
The two winners for this giveaway will have gained the most points by Nov. 1, 2009. Here is how you can get points:

  1. Comment on blog posts. You must leave insightful, good comments. “Good post” does not count. Add to the conversation. Tell me what you think. 1 point per blog post
  2. Tweet about blog posts. Send a tweet such as, “4 Ways Being A Reporter Can Help A Future PR Pro: (link here) by @RachelEsterline.” My Twitter handle has to be in the tweet to get points. 1 point per tweet (unless you tweet the same article so many times that you annoy people)
  3. Post the link to my blog and let people know they can win a book on your own blog (or other site). 2 points
  4. Write a great guest post about PR, writing, Gen Y, career, design, etc. Submit a guest post to me at EsterlinePublicRelations [at] Gmail.com to be posted in the future on this blog. 10 points

The Rules:

Don’t lie or cheat. If I think you did something wrong, I reserve the right to choose a different winner. If your blog post doesn’t make sense, is riddled with errors, etc., then I have the right to deny it and not give you points. If  you have any questions, comment or e-mail me.

Why I started a new blog

October 12, 2009 2:15 pm | No Comments

I started blogging towards the end of my sophomore year. I called my blog “A Step Ahead” and wrote about what I was learning through my PR experiences. That blog really helped me get ahead in my career while improving my writing skills.

But now, as a senior, I am starting this new blog to share my experiences as a new public relations professional. I’ve also relaunched my personal Web site and portfolio with a new design. It feels great to have a fresh start.

Subscribe and check back soon. I’ll be having giveaways to celebrate the launch of my new blog. I’ve also created an editorial calendar to keep me posting at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m very excited about a few new features I’ll be unveiling as time goes by.


Rachel M. Esterline works in public relations and marketing communications. Her blog, ExPRessions, contains her musings about PR, marketing, career and professional development, Gen Y issues, personal branding and more. Rachel also does freelance consulting and writing. She is originally from Genesee, Mich., and will graduate from Central Michigan University in May 2010.