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Posted by Rachel Esterline on Oct 13, 2008 in Guest Post, Portfolio, Public Relations, Uncategorized

Karen Russell’s blog features my guest post, Creating an Online Portfolio. Be sure to check out Karen’s blog!

Here is the post, as it was posted on Karen’s blog:

Guest post: Rachel M. Esterline (Central Michigan University)
Rachel Esterline is the second student to participate in my series of guest posts from students. Here’s her post:

Creating an Online Portfolio

An online portfolio can be a useful tool for a public relations student. It can assist in finding internships and jobs by showcasing writing samples and other skills related to the field. When writing copy for your portfolio, write it in AP style and be sure to proofread it before posting to the site. Below are other suggestions for creating your online portfolio.

Finding a design

It works well to sketch out how you want your page to look before designing it. To design your site, try a program such as Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe Dreamweaver. If you have no experience with Web design, find a template online (search “free HTML template”) or ask a design student to help you.

The home page

A good home page should serve as a brief introduction to who you are and why you have created the site. You may want to include a professional photo of yourself, a personal logo and other items conveying your personal brand.

A bio

Consider including a short bio on the home page or on a separate page. Ideally, your bio will include an introduction on who you are, details about your education, and what you are doing to advance your career in public relations.

The portfolio

The portfolio section of your Web site should contain the best examples of your work. Organize it so it may be easily navigated. Consider including the following items in your portfolio:

  • Resume
  • Writing samples
  • Design samples
  • Research samples
  • Published work
  • Contact Information

The most important information to include on your Web site will be your name and e-mail. Optional information might include your LinkedIn profile or Twitter account. You might not want to include your phone number or address.

Web address

For the most professional look, purchase a domain name from a hosting provide such as HostMonster.com. For a more affordable option, try a free hosting service like Freewebs.com. Although you won’t have a professional domain name or other paid benefits, you can still have a clean and useful online portfolio.


Here’s Rachel’s Web site/online portfolio. Impressive!

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