Working Hard on a Saturday

Posted by Rachel Esterline on Aug 2, 2008 in CMU PRM, Pro Bono, Public Relations

Today I spent four hours working on brochure copy for my pro bono client. They have several brochures in need of updating. I saw the need and contacted them, offering free services.

I’m really excited about it because redoing these brochures will really make a difference for this non-profit. Their brochure about giving is very wordy and confusing. They actually hired a professional to do it back during their capital campaign.

My internship has been great. I’m working on CMU Welcomes You again. I am basically redoing the design and format. Dan said what I have is great, and now that we have that version to fall back on, I can go ahead and change things to make it more engaging.

It’s been quite interesting, considering the fact that I had never used Adobe InDesign before accepting this internship. I’ve picked up a lot though. I think my experience with Microsoft Publisher helped. I brought home a print-out of CMU Welcomes You to look at this weekend. We are trying to make it more engaging. The publication goes to potential students, meaning many of the recipients are high school seniors with the attention span of a goldfish. Most won’t bother to read anything that doesn’t look remotely interesting.

Looking at the few pages I have already redesigned, I think I’m heading the right way. I might try tracking down some people to test the publication. If they can tell me where I lose their attention, I might be able to fix it.

I have a new assignment at work as well. It’s a contest, but that’s about all the details I can give right now. I’ll be writing copy for the posters, a press release, and Web copy. I might even try designing the poster. We have graphic designers in the office, but they are so busy with other projects. I would love to give it a try. I’m going to have to pick up a book on Adobe InDesign though. I have some good ideas…

I have finished my biology class (with a B!) and I’ve got less than a month before I go back to school. Until then, I’ll be working full-time for CMU Public Relations and Marketing. I absolutely love working there.

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