The Process of Launching and Promoting

Posted by Rachel Esterline on Jan 22, 2009 in Books, PRSSA, Public Relations

Recently I started Learn it, Live it, Love it. It’s been an interesting process of brainstorming, designing, launching and promoting.


When I started working on the idea of a book group, the first thing I did was tweet about it. The majority of my followers are PR-related and I immediately received great feedback. Next, I did a Google search. I found other book groups and created a list of ideas. After creating an outline, I seeked feedback from both Nick Lucido and Jared Bryan.


The design was fairly simple. The logo was actually something I created several months ago for my store. A WordPress blog is fairly simple to launch.


This was the hardest part. I probably edited the copy for the launch about 100 times. I also stared at it for about an hour, deciding if I was ready. Were people actually interested in this?


My blog automatically posts an update on my Twitter when a new blog post is created. While my “tweeple” were checking out the site, I created a Facebook group and invited the people I knew from PRSSA and PR classes. I also posted a link on the wall and information in the forum of each PR-related group I was in already. Additionally, many other members have helped promote the group through their social networks.

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Public Relations Book Group: Learn it, Live it, Love it

Posted by Rachel Esterline on Jan 17, 2009 in Blogging, Books, PRSSA, Public Relations

The Public Relations Book Group

Since posting about my idea for a public relations book group, I have received many comments on the post and via Twitter.

I’ve decided to call the book group “Public Relations: Learn it, Live it, Love it.” It’s a saying I’ve always liked (I even created a shirt in my store with it) and I think it tells exactly what I am trying to accomplish with the book group.

Read on to find out more about what the group can do for you, how to join and where the group blog has been launched!

Learn it.

To “learn it,” public relations students and professionals who join will increase their knowledge by reading books on public relations, professional development, social media, business, career, writing, advertising, marketing and more.

Live it.

Through blog, forum and chat the book group members will discuss how the book and the knowledge they’ve learned can influence their careers and lives. The “live it” aspect is learning to apply it to real word situations.

Love it.

I feel like every PR professional and student I know is passionate about their careers. They “love it.” In addition to enhancing their careers through knowledge, members will be able to network with each other and discuss share their passion for public relations.

How does it work?

One member will post to the blog about the book. Other members will comment to continue the discussion. The forum and chat will be additional tools to the conversation.

Where is Learn It, Live it, Love it?

Check out the blog at http://www.learnitliveitloveit.wordpress.com.

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A Public Relations Book Group For Students and Professionals

Posted by Rachel Esterline on Jan 14, 2009 in Blogging, PRSSA, Public Relations

Over my winter break, I started working on a new project:

A public relations book group.

The idea stemmed from a discussion I had with the PRSSA president at CMU, Christine Kunde. Since then, I’ve been brainstorming ideas with Nick Lucido, the PRSSA president at Michigan State University.

The book group would be open to PR students and professionals and they would discuss the book online, through chat, forum or blog.

Book selections might not specifically focus on PR, because professional development, writing, business and career-related books also would be helpful to read.

Through Twitter, I found several people who were interested in joining, including Meg Roberts, @jrdbryan and @LJZuber.

A group like this would not only offer professional development, but also an opportunity to network among our peers. I’m thinking that PR instructors, like Teaching PR and Public Relations Matters, might also be interested in joining or encouraging their students to join.

So I have several questions:

1. Are you interested? If so, please comment.

2. Do you have any suggestions or comments?

3. Can you think of a good name for this group? (“Public Relations Book Group” just doesn’t have a ring to it!)

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